Carly Bailey

South Dublin County - Rathfarnham/Templeogue

“Many people have been badly hurt by politics over recent years, including my own family. I understand the level of mistrust and cynicism towards politics that people hold. I did too.

I ran for Local Council and was so proud to be elected because I want to make sure my children and their friends will not be left behind and locked out like we have been. I believe that when people’s needs are met, communities are stronger, safer and more vibrant.”


Carly Bailey

The Voice for RATHFARNHAM-TEMPLEOGUE on South Dublin County Council


Carly Bailey with Roisin Shortall and Catherine Murphy

My name is Carly Bailey. I live in Greenhills with my two young children and my husband Brian. I am the first in my family to go to university and I have just completed a degree in Law and Political Science at Trinity College.

I have campaigned for many years on national and local issues, such as; the housing crisis, access to education, children’s disability services, women’s rights including repeal of the 8th amendment.

I have helped support the establishment of local Educate Together schools. I co-convened the Dublin South-West Together For Yes referendum campaign.

My Vision for Dublin 12

Your No.1 Vote in the next General Election will allow me to use my energy, passion and experience to fight for our community.



I work on behalf of our fantastic community to make this an even better place to live, work and raise a family. I believe that when basic needs are met communities are stronger, safer and more vibrant. We need to prioritise;

Affordable Housing to rent and buy.

Reliable Public Transport and segregated cycle lanes.

Connection of the Metro to the South side.

More Public Bins and Litter Wardens to deal with illegal dumping and dog fouling.

Better funding for Community Groups and community centres.

Well kept green spaces and parks with accessible playgrounds and community gardens.

A strong local response to climate change including flood alleviation schemes.

Local Election 2019

"I have no choice but to fight for myself, my kids, my family and my community.

A huge thank you for each and every vote.

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“Carly has enormous compassion and energy and she is driven by her deep commitment to build a decent society where no one is left behind."

"I know that she will be an excellent public representative for Rathfarnham-Templeogue and will champion investment in people, public services and a vibrant, sustainable economy.”

Quote by Catherine Murphy about Carly Bailey
Catherine Murphy
The Housing Crisis

"I will ensure that our voice is heard, policy is poverty and gender proofed and tirelessly work to enforce accountability."

Carly Bailey Video on Housing
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Carly Bailey on Homelessness & the Housing Crisis

The issue is those in long-term mortgage arrears. I certainly hope that not all of those currently experiencing this end up as I did.

Disability & I

“Carly Bailey is a Law and Political Science student at Trinity College Dublin, vice-chair of the Social Democrats, a proud mum, a political candidate for Dublin Southwest and, on top of everything else, a person living with a disability.”

Home Help Services – Increased Waiting Times

The number of older people waiting for home support has been slammed, after figures emerged that more than 6,300 people are waiting nationally.

The High Cost Childcare has to be Addressed by Government

High childcare costs place an unacceptable burden on already stretched families. The government needs to step up and support parents and ensure sufficient funding.

Public Service Card & Data Protection

“In an era where there is legitimate concern about the use, ownership and manipulation of Big Data, it is astonishing that this Government proceeded to collect and hold data on citizens without any legal basis.”

Investment in Cycle Lanes & Public Transport

Comprehensive development of our public transport infrastructure is in Ireland’s vital social and economic interest.

Carly Bailey & her work on the Repeal Campaign

I have been a campaigner for Repeal of the 8th Amendment for many years. I co-convened the Dublin South-West Together For Yes referendum campaign.  

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"I believe in a fair society, good quality public services, choice of schools, affordable housing and I want to see an end to harmful austerity measures that have hurt so many of us."