One of the toughest challenges facing Irish people over the past decade, and still today is that of housing & Homelessness. The Housing Crisis in Ireland has effected us all, including my family and myself. Below are some of my contributions to the debate, taken from newspapers and other media.

Also included are mine and The Social Democrat policies in this area and related issues. Far from the Government easing the distress of Irish Citizens their policies, and lack of policies, have exacerbated the distress. The inaction on homelessness, house building and support for those in mortgage arrears has been nothing short of shameful.

The Housing Crisis in Ireland has effected us all, including my family and myself. This was caused in large part by white collar crime, the lack of community in the banking system & Corruption in Ireland.

Carly Bailey Confronts Joan Burton on The Tonight Show

"We are real, we do exist, we are ordinary families who are paying the price for very poor decisions."

The Irish Examiner, August 2017

"An Entire Croke Park of People Could End Up Homeless."

"A home repossession “guillotine is on the way down”, dwarfing the current homeless crisis..."

"There are 33,000 families in arrears of more than two years.”

"I’m now a local area representative for the Social Democrats and housing and education, they’re my big passions."

“Landlords need to accept that social welfare recipients vary.”

Build Affordable Homes

Ireland’s Housing emergency is a blight on our country. As of April 2018, 9,652 people were in emergency accommodation, including 3,689 children. A quarter of a million people are on the official housing list and many thousands more, in desperate need of housing, are not even counted. House prices continue to rise – up 13% in the past year.

The Social Democrats would believe that public land banks should be used to deliver social housing, affordable, cost rental and affordable purchase housing.

We would promote much better competition in the mortgage market so that Ireland’s very high variable rate mortgages are significantly reduced.

The Social Democrats would establish a new delivery agency with housing supply as its primary responsibility. It would play a key role in project managing the delivery of new homes.

Rights For Renters

One in five people are currently renting in Ireland. Yet the rental market in Ireland is extremely precarious, with people losing the roof over their heads far too easily and often.

The Social Democrats want to see more certainty for those renting. Our 12 point renters charter…

  1. Meaningful Rent Caps.
  2. Scrap Stamp Duty on Rent.
  3. Regulation of the Rental Sector.
  4. Lengthen Maximum Tenancies.
  5. Deposit Protections.
  6. Deposit Protection.
  7. Extend Notice of Terminations.
  8. End Extra Charges.
  9. Ban Rent bidding.
  10. Boost Housing Supply
  11. Stiffer Penalties for Rogue Landlords.
  12. Establish a Rents Register

End Homelessness

The Social Democrats are committed to both preventing and tackling homelessness in all its forms in Irish society.

Some of our key policy proposals to prevent homelessness include:

  • Allow greater discretion to front-line workers in terms of rental support where there is a risk of homelessness or eviction.
  • Local Authorities should be given formal responsibility of finding alternative housing for people who have had their HAP tenancy terminated.
  • ensure that landlords give tenants far longer notice periods so that tenants and support services have enough time to source alternative accommodation. - How to Solve The Housing Crisis

Carly Bailey and her family lost their family home to a vulture fund during the recession. Carly is now a housing activist and Vice Chair of the Social Democrats.

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“At the heart of the housing crisis lies the problem of availability and affordability. Key policy changes are vital in order to increase social and affordable housing.

“Large-scale public housing must be delivered in more creative ways. Co-ops, cost-rental housing models, social and affordable mixed-income and mixed tenure housing delivered by local authorities and approved housing bodies alongside radical reform of the rental market to include rent caps, inspections, as well as the long-term security of tenure have to be implemented across the country.

Cllr. Carly Bailey, SDCC

I ran for Local Council and was so proud to be elected because I want to make sure my children and their friends will not be left behind and locked out like we have been. I believe that when people’s needs are met, communities are stronger, safer and more vibrant.”

“Local authorities must make greater use of CPOs to bring vacant and derelict houses back into use. Land hoarders should face much greater penalties. Air BnB has to be regulated. Alternative solutions for those in long-term mortgage arrears such as mortgage to rent schemes should be supported instead of welcoming in the vulture funds.”

The Irish Daily Mirror, March 2018

"Nothing has been done to help struggling, ordinary people."

"Successive governments “are responsible” for the rise in suicide rates."

“We owed €200,000, it wasn’t excessive by any stretch of the imagination. My husband was made redundant first of all in 2008 and pretty much any time he was able to get work then after that pretty much all the companies he worked for folded.”

"Ulster Bank refused to give us any sort of long-term restructuring options."

“It was continuously sort of recapitalising the arrears. It just got to the point where it was completely unaffordable.”

“We engaged 100% but were still considered an uncooperative borrower that couldn’t afford to pay what they were asking us to.”

"Either repossess, sell, voluntary surrender or mortgage to rent."

“Myself and my husband have been very fortunate, we’ve stayed together and overcome mental health stuff. But a lot of families are torn apart."

We are building a new social democratic force to reshape Ireland, for the people, by the people.

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Carly Bailey

“I ran for South Dublin County Council because I want to make sure my children and their friends will not be left behind and locked out like we have. I believe that when people’s needs are met, communities are stronger, safer and more vibrant.”


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